Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Catching up on my 'Revive My Marriage'

I am a few weeks behind on my Revive Your Marriage weekly challenges.  We are on week 4, but I am going to jump back to week 2.

WEEK 2-That topic was working on our attitude.  Reflecting back to when I was dating my husband and our marriage, it brings a smile to my face because I remember how and why I fell in love with him.  He was attractive(which was the most important thing to me at the time), then his morals and what he believes were 2nd.  It didn't take long for us to figure out we belonged together.  Before we got married, a co-worker I worked with at Kohl's told me that the wedding day will be a blur so to get lots of pictures.  Well to be honest, I thought she was just telling me a bunch of nonsense.  I thought "'s the most important day of my life, I have to remember it!"  I like having a video of our wedding to re-watch and remember the exact vows I said to him.  Speaking of vows...this is a little side note, but in the movie the Vow, the vows they exchange are exactly what I feel along with the traditional parts too :)  It's very creative and touching for me!  A wedding vow is a positive promise that 2 people make to each other that is supposed to be forever.  Generally most brides have a positive perspective and happy attitude on their wedding day.  The positive attitude can be soon lost when things don't go our way after our marriage begins.  It is important to get back to having a positive attitude for your husband, your marriage and lastly yourself.

WEEK 3-The third topic from the Women Living Well blog is working on a shoulder to shoulder friendship with our husband.  I heard about this this past season in my MOPS group.  I was like YES! That is so true.  Since my hubby likes to play Call of Duty, I figured that would be the perfect opportunity to be his "friend".  I tried that silly game and played for maybe a minute but I could tell he enjoyed my effort.  The challenge says to "savor the moment like during the dating days".  I will be working on this and I think it will make us have a better relationship by doing things he likes to do-even if I don't really enjoy them.

WEEK 4-Finally I am caught up to this week!  This week's challenge is list 5 things I admire about my husband.  I did this and put in on the steering wheel so he will see it in the morning.  I'm not sure if you can read the 5 things so I will just tell you:
-willing to cook
-grill master ;)
-good listener
-put up with me on my not-lovable days
It is a lot easier for me to come up with things I want to change about him or anyone for that matter! How sad is that?  I seriously hate that I am so naggy and nit-picky.   I am working on it but it is a process.

Anyways, those are the challenges from my point of view so far in a nutshell.   If you want to follow Courtney's blog yourself it's

Monday, September 10, 2012

Money doesn't make you rich...

Every morning, I watch re-runs of Boy Meets World on ABC Family.  I have seen every episode so many times, but I still laugh at the silly lines they say sometimes and feel sad when the characters feel sad.  Today was the series finale which I have seen before, but never really paid attention to the line "money doesn't make you rich, life does."  Today, that stuck out to me.  With money you can buy worldly things and be happy for a certain amount of time.  But I feel rich because of my life I am living!  I have a supportive and a loving God, family, husband and son.  Having the love and care I have in my life is the best kind of riches money CAN'T buy!!  Don't get me wrong, money is nice to have...especially when you have bills, groceries, and essentials you need to survive in this life.  So I ask you, are you rich? Not the worldly kind...but the kind that really matters!

Here's how to be the kind of rich that really matters:
-Love God.
-Love yourself.
-Love others.
*In return, you will feel the richness of the love that is the most important part!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reviving Our Marriage

I have recently gotten into blogging as you probably have noticed.  I am following the Women Living Well and have been for quite some time now.  Courtney is the blog writer and is a very inspirational, Christian, down to earth woman.  Right now, there is a series for the Mondays in September called Revive Your Marriage.  Week 1 is revive your prayers for your marriage.  She says to say a little prayer every time you see your wedding ring.  I think that is a great reminder to pray for my husband.  I get so caught up with what I want and my "needs" that I often forget to pray for Tom.  He has a very stressful job being a marine and being gone more than he is here with us.  A book that is a good outline to go by what to pray for when you are praying for your husband is Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian.  I forget that he needs prayer too, in every aspect of his life!  Some of the list are: his work, his finances, his priorities, his trials, his fatherhood...the list goes on!  I am challenging myself to pray for him before myself.  Sometimes, however, I do pray for him before me.  It's usually because I am so frustrated with him that all I can do is pray because I don't want to say or do something that is not pleasing or honorable to him and God.  Marriage is hard.  Prayer works.  God has the answer and is there for you!  I have learned this time and time again.  I encourage you out there to follow Courtney's blog with me :)

Her blog is

Have a great day!