Monday, January 27, 2014

Wyatt's Arrival Story!!

Better late than never ;) Let's start this story from Monday November 4th, 2013 at my 40 week appointment.   Here I am a day before I'm due just so ready to have the baby.  The doctor stripped my membranes which hurt so bad!  I asked my doctor if I could be induced that night or the next day so my husband could see it via Skype/FaceTime.  She said "sure! Let me call up to BMC(Bellevue Medical Center) and see what time/if they can do it today or tomorrow.  That night I was so anxious.  Checking my phone obsessively!  Wishing it would never did.  I just thought well ok, let's bounce on the ball, run the stairs.  Anything and everything that I think would help.

The next morning was a very rainy one.  I took Levi to WEE School like normal.  I came home and talked to my hubby about nothing really just making conversation about how in a matter of hours we would be a family of 4!   So it's 10:50am and I'm sitting on the couch watching the Today Show like I do every morning.  My phone rings:  "Hi Mrs. Horrocks, you were supposed to be here at 10:30 this morning for induction.  Do you still want to be induced?!"  OH MY GOODNESS!!  "Yes ma'am I would love to be induced.  My preschooler is at school until 11:30, how about noon?!?"  She asked her supervisor and they said for me to come on in at noon!  Holy cow!  I'm having a baby today.  I need to call my mom!!  So I called my mom and told her my conversation on the phone with the L&D lady and she left work right away.  So I hung up with her and were texting and facebooking people to find my husband so I can tell him.  He finally called me after about 5 minutes from getting off the phone with my mom.  He hadn't been told by anyone what was happening yet.  I am freaking out-in a good way-at this point. Running around the house making sure I had everything, threw a little bit of mascara on and headed to pick up Levi.

I get checked in and into my room.  Finally after about an hour and a half of paperwork and them checking me out, Pitocin started at 1:40pm.  At about 3:55pm the anesthesiologist nurse started the first attempt at the epidural.  Didn't take.  2nd attempt a few moments later.  Didn't take.  Are you kidding me?! I guess an all natural birth again it is I thought.  Finally the anesthesiologist comes in and gets it right away.  Yay finally!  This epidural made me really relaxed.  I just wanted to sleep.  I kept touching my leg but wasn't sure if it was my leg so I had to lift the blanket and look. Haha.  I was having some good contractions now, but couldn't feel them.  It was great.  I wasn't really dilating for a couple of hours.  So at about 6pm or so the doctor decided to break my water.  As we knew with Levi, they broke my water and he was here less than a half hour later.  We told the doctor and nurse this.  My nurse Emily said "If you start to feel pressure, let us know".  They left the room and I started feeling contractions again.  Ugh really I thought I was going to relax.  I let a couple go by, then I said "I NEED to call the nurse!!"  Tom was on FaceTime at this point and his face turned white and he looked concerned :( They checked me and said you're ready to push!  "Oh my gosh babe we are about to have him in like 2 seconds!!"  That's what I said to Tom. LOL.  They broke the table in preparation for delivery.  It felt like he was coming out!  I was thinking they better not let him come out on the floor or I will not be very nice.  They looked and reassured me he was still inside while they were getting prepped.  Finally time to push.  The pushing part for me is all a blur, but I think I only pushed twice.  6:39pm he came out crying with a good set of lungs!  He looked so small.  But he was 20 inches 7lbs 13oz.  Tom saw the whole thing!!  Finally something has worked in our favor!  He got to witness Wyatt's birth via FaceTime.  The doctor and nurse let me hold him for almost an hour before they weighed him.  That was so nice.  Everyone just kind of left me and Tom and Wyatt alone.  It was great.  I was in the hospital for 2 days then got released.

Now he is almost 3 months old!  Crazy!! Time sure has flown which is good, especially in our shoes :) That's about it for his arrival.  Pretty easy just like the first.. Thank the Lord!


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