Monday, August 27, 2012

3...2...1...POTTY TIME!!

Here we baby has officially started potty training.  It makes me sad and happy.  Sad because he is not even 2 yet and already on the potty a few times a day.  I need to come up with some type of chart or reward for going pee and poo on the potty.  I've thought about stickers because he really likes them.  But he also loves food so I think maybe a little treat would be good too.  I am open to suggestions though!

Levi has officially gone  #2 in the potty!! It's so exciting! Of course I had to grab my camera...for the scrapbook ;)  Tom thought I was completely strange but hey there is a first time for everything.  So for the record, August 2nd, 2012 was his first pee pee and August 27th, 2012 was his first poo.  Now since I have those out of the way, I just need to keep at it!  I am still a first time mom experiencing new milestones with my Levi all the time.  Some things new moms do, I think they are a little nutty, but celebrating and giving him praise and taking pictures like I did today, I think it was totally acceptable ;)
The picture above is him standing next to his first poo poo in the potty!! Big boy!

Anyways, I felt I needed to blog about it tonight and write it down later.  Have a super day :)

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  1. Stickers is a great idea! We teach our moms never to reward with food, cause sometimes it creates a pattern leading to obesity. I've heard fruit loops in the toilet for aiming works too...with different points for different colors. Hope that helps! How exciting.