Monday, September 10, 2012

Money doesn't make you rich...

Every morning, I watch re-runs of Boy Meets World on ABC Family.  I have seen every episode so many times, but I still laugh at the silly lines they say sometimes and feel sad when the characters feel sad.  Today was the series finale which I have seen before, but never really paid attention to the line "money doesn't make you rich, life does."  Today, that stuck out to me.  With money you can buy worldly things and be happy for a certain amount of time.  But I feel rich because of my life I am living!  I have a supportive and a loving God, family, husband and son.  Having the love and care I have in my life is the best kind of riches money CAN'T buy!!  Don't get me wrong, money is nice to have...especially when you have bills, groceries, and essentials you need to survive in this life.  So I ask you, are you rich? Not the worldly kind...but the kind that really matters!

Here's how to be the kind of rich that really matters:
-Love God.
-Love yourself.
-Love others.
*In return, you will feel the richness of the love that is the most important part!

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